What is the price for M charizard ex and is it really worth it? Best Review


M Charizard ex is one of the more pricey cards on the market and is from the XY Flashfire set. It has 230 HP and has one attack the Crimson dive which does 300 damage, but it also incurs 50 damage to itself. There are three different versions of the M charizard ex card. M charizard ex 13/108, 101/108 full art, 69/106,108/106 secret rare.


M charizard ex can be a powerful card, just like many other mega pokemon cards, and there are a few decks that feature M charizard ex. The only downside is that the energy buildup could be a little slower for M charizard ex especially in later versions of Pokemon. Due to the loss of some crucial supporter cards in the decks. M charizard ex evolves from Charizard ex.

How much is M charizard ex worth?:

M charizard 13/108, 69/106, 108/106 Secret:

  1. Ultra Rare and Holo
  2. Could be worth a lot due to rarity and the holofoil.
  3. Chances of pulling the card from booster packs is very low.(around 1 of 40 booster packs from that set)
  4. The 108/106 Secret rare version has an even lower pull rate (1 in 3 booster boxes or 108 booster packs.)

M charizard full art:

  1. Ultra rare, holo and full art
  2. Full arts tend to cost more due to the card’s art.

What are the average price of the mega charizard ex:

Product Name Average Market Price
M charizard 13/108 9.5
M charizard 69/106 34.5
M charizard 108/106 48.5
M charizard full art 21

These are the average market prices from online retailers. Buying single cards could be more cost effective, than trying to pull the card from booster packs because of the rarity.

Where to find these cards?:

Ziipigames has a wide selection of Pokemon cards and we strive to offer the lowest prices on the market. If you find a lower price online, we could match that price. Link to the price match in the description of the product.

Buy for 37.93 :M charizard ex 108/106

Buy 12/108: M charizard 12/108

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  1. Max says:

    I got a Mega Charizard EX with 220 HP, Its from 2014 and its number is 107/106. How much is it worth ?

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