What does the Ancient Mew card actually say?

Ancient Mew was released in 2000 as a promo card. Ancient Mew is a written in medieval writing and the english translations are written below.

Ancient Mew Stats:

  • HP : 40
  • Psychic type Pokemon
  • Only attack Psyche, 40 damage
  • Retreat cost 2 energies
  • Weakness Psychic

Next time you play Pokemon you can use the Ancient Mew card to your advantage.

3 responses to “What does the Ancient Mew card actually say?”

  1. Tejas says:

    more information please

  2. John cena says:

    deliver an aincent mew card to jacks donuts and then I will pay u $ 10

  3. your mom says:

    hey umm the rest of the card actually says stuff. i started to decode it by using the symbols that were there and i knew that i had the words to go off of mew resistance retreat cost weakness. i havent been able to decode it all but under the attack so far what i have is that it says New species little and then i havent decoded the rest.

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