Save money with Pokemon go!

Save money with Pokemon go!

Accounting and having business are the most known ways to save. But did you know Pokemon Go can save over a $10,000 a year?
Imagine what you can do with that extra money? I would go to dinner, go on vacation or just spend time for my enjoyment! Isn’t this crazy? How in the world does a kid’s game help you save money?

Anyone can can excute this but you have to read this step by step guide till the end! One important concept you must understand is small things add up to big things. There is no one magic word that will instantly save you a 1,000 bucks.

If you follow everything on this guide you will hit your goal. All these steps have to be in your daily routine. As studies show, it takes 60 days for a habit to be cultivated.
I am done talking, lets get into the guide.

1. Your gym costs
I know what some of you might be thinking, “I don’t go to the gym!”. Pokemon Go still motivates you to run outside for atleast an hour. This will help you save money in the long run.
I used to go to my local Lifetime gym. It had many facilities and best of all it was high qaulity.

The costs, as you must of guessed, were real high. They were $1,500 a month!
So going outside for a walk instead of going to gym saves you close to $1,000 per year! We have a free ebook:, explaining what exercises you can do while playing Pokemon Go!

2. Reduce gas costs
Now if you want to get somewere close to your home, you can ride a bike or walk there. Pokemon Go will motivate you to hatch eggs and catch Pokemon. Lets say you want to go to your local train station or post office daily. You can then walk one mile to it.

So that is 1 mile of gas you are saving.
So if it costs you $2 per gallon and you can run 20 miles with a gallon. Then you save close to $50 per year. As I said before small things add up to big things. This also gives you a good health as well. In our ebook we will go over 50 places you can walk to. We will also show you how you can motivate your self to walk that extra mile using Pokemon Go.

3. Weight loss
Weight loss has been in one of the leading niches for the last 5 to 6 years. Have you ever seen ads that claim to loose weight in 6 weeks or in 1 day. So many people are wanting to loose weight fast. People are paying $1000 on average for weight loss!

So you could make a big diffrence just by walking for 1 hr while playing Pokemon Go. If you don’t fall in that trap of paying to loose weight fast then yearly you are going to save $500-1000! Let us face it, we all remember a time when we forgot to go to the gym for a week.

Then we end up not going to the gym for 3 months.
So Pokemon Go will motivite you to walk in your local area. The ebook will show you how you use features in the game to motivate you to walk or exercise.

4. Open your own store
So it is going to be nice outside for a while. So you can open your own stall. This is a way to spend less time and actually make money. Are you good at marketing? I mean like speaking to people and making them buy a product that you sell.

The best place to open your stall is in the city or somewere where there is a lot of buzz. By stall I mean a table and just spend 2-3 hr of your weekend doing this. If you do have children, then you could involve them into this as well. Use ads on facebook and craigslist for your Pokemon Go related products.

In order to create that buzz near your stand is to place your stand near a Pokestop. Then power it up, this will get more people coming to that spot. Then just ask them if they want a plush toy. Most likley they will decide to buy you Pokemon Go toys. In my ebook I show you how you can buy the products and sell them for profit.

5.Sell Pokemon products online
You can get lots of traffic from the internet. Using ads you can promote your products. Just post your product on Pokemon Go on Ebay and you will get sales.

I have done this and have made over $100 per week! That it self is $4000. Our ebook will show you how can buy a product for a low price and sell it for a high price. I will go really deep into how to sell a product step by step. From marketing to shipping the Ebay listing.

6.Sell Pokemon services online
This one is similar to the one above, but in this one you are going to walk other peoples eggs. Then you must hatch the egg and charge money depending on the egg. So you are going to hatch and exercise while a lazy guy pays you money to catch Pokemon on his account.

This is a great money making service, did you know a kid made $40-$50 off doing this. All you do is run a ad on Facebook or get your friend’s accounts and walk them for money. Our ebook is going to show you step by step on how you can put your ads on Facebook or other social media pages.

7.Make a ebook and sell it on Ebay or Amazon
If you already know a lot about Pokemon Go and how to get to a level. Share your knowledge with other people. Make a ebook or course then post it on amazon. One guy currently is selling his Pokemon Go how to guide for $2. It is selling really well. You can easily make a 20-30 page ebook and sell it to people. People want to beat their friends in Pokemon Go so make money off of that. You can start your own blog, like this one. Then you can get paid through google adsense or affiliate products. If have no idea how to start a blog and make money off of this our ebook will show how to this step and step. It will show you how in 3 months make money off blogs.

8.Sell Pokemon hacks
I wouldn’t really recommend this because your site can get suspended. Why this tip got onto this list is because many companies actually sold hacked versions of the game. The hacked versions of these games used joysticks to move and over populate a place with Pokemon. Many sites actually interacted the Pokemon GPS signals and used it to know where Pokemon where located and they would despond. These sites did get taken down, but for the first few months they made millions of dollars in profit. My ebook doesn’t go ver this because this can get you suspended from the game.

9.Use email marketing
Email marketing is when you get someones email through a free giveaway and a newsletter. Then, you are going to send a affiliate offers, which are products that you sell but don’t own. You get a small part off the profit. When you get a person’s email or a lead, you can send them any offer. My ebook shows you what giveaways to use and what emails get the most sales. This strategy can get you anywhere from $50-200 weekly. That is $2,400-$9,600 per year. The ebook will show you step by step on how to succeed in affiliate marketing using email marketing to get traffic.

10.Make a private Facebook page
Make a private Facebook page for your fans. So they can interact and you can post content and help people get better in Pokemon Go. You will just tell them that it costs $30 or $40 to enter your private Facebook page. If you just get 5 fans per month to buy your offer then you that is 200/m and 2,400/y. You just have to post one time a day. In our free ebook will show you how to get people to buy into your offer. So you can scale to $3000-4000 per year.

That are conclude our top 10 list on how to make money with Pokemon Go. Our ebook will show you all the topics I covered on this list in-depth. Here it is (link to ebook). Hope you read our ebook for bonus information on how to scale these tips to 20,000 to 30,000 per year! Again here is the link to the ebook:

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